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"The Seven Moments are an indespensible tool for achieving happiness and contentment. When you know how to use them properly, you can elevate your level of enjoyment in practically every encounter." - Christian Blake


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Christian Blake's books about the Seven Moments have been selling internationally since 2006. Writers from all over the world have been using the Seven Moments to enhance their novels, short stories, and screenplays. Understanding how to use the moments is integral to a writer's ability to captivate an audience.



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seven moments in life that really matter
seven moments in storytelling
the seven moments in storytelling - how to use conflict


The Seven Moments In Storytelling


Stories are told through the Seven Moments. All stories are. The more you pack them into a storyline, the more attentive your audience becomes. These moments are prevalent in every successful feature length film. I discovered these moments after spending 18 months studying the highest grossing movies produced during the 1990s.


My book, The Seven Moments In Storytelling That Really Matter, will explain what the Seven Moments are and how you can use them to craft better fiction.


I've also written several supplements that explain how to use Conflict, Reinforcement, and Discovery. Each supplement provides a detailed explanation on how to use the respective moment, and explains where you can see examples of the moment in successful movies.


If you're a writer and you want to improve your storytelling power, I highly recommend the supplement about Reinforcement. Reinforcement is the one moment that truly separates Oscar winning movies from average movies.


The Seven Moments In Life


There are Seven Moments in life that everyone experiences on a daily basis. These moments occur repeatedly, day in and day out. The more often we experience them, the more interesting our life becomes.


To learn more about how we experience the Seven Moments in daily life, read my book The Seven Moments In Life That Really Matter.



Put The Spark Back Into Your Relationship


Are you in a dying relationship? Worried about losing your spouse? Want to put the spark back into your marriage? Well now you can.


happy couple

Making someone else happy is truly one of life's greatest pleasures, and it's the easiest way to save or strengthen your relationship. The Seven Moments will give you that power. You can easily craft the best day of his (or her!) life and he'll never be the wiser as to how you pulled it off.


Want to make him smile? Give him the Seven Moments. I guarantee he will love you and appreciate you without ever understanding exactly what you did to make him feel so good. He'll just know that he felt wonderful being around you, and he will want to repeat that experience as often as possible.



Make Your Relationship Last


We’ve all experienced the 3-month phenomenon; everything is perfect in a new relationship for about 3 months and then suddenly it just falls apart. One person is no longer interested and suddenly fades out of the other person’s life. Perhaps you are the person who walks away every time? Perhaps you are the person who gets dumped?


Short-lived relationships are inevitable...


..unless you know how to use the Seven Moments. They are truly the best kept secret for making your relationship last. With deliberate action, you can enhance every encounter with your partner and elevate his or her level of enjoyment. He or she will never want to leave your side!


Ignorance is bliss failure


In a relationship, not knowing what the Seven Moments are can literally destroy your relationship. If you fail to use them every day, then you are risking relationship failure.


No rules in Love and War


The Seven Moments give you the tactical edge in a relationship. Without them, you are doomed to failure. And worse: if your partner encounters a person who knows how to wield the Seven Moments, your partner is as good as gone! Has your partner been spending more time away from you? Do you know why?



Whether you want to believe it or not, we are all addicted to the human experience. The Seven Moments are like an aphrodisiac to the human spirit. Our emotional reaction to them is so strong that we will sometimes neglect work, responsibilities, friends, and even our own family in order to experience them. The Seven Moments are that powerful. They truly are the ingredients to life contentment.



"This is going to be a mega-hit. The ideas are easy to apply and they make total sense. The information revealed in this book will end up being taught in schools. It's that good." - Fred, Huntington Harbor, CA



Think of an exciting day in your life. Not just any day, but a great day - one that you will never forget. Do you know why you felt so good that day? Would you like to repeat that day as often as you wish? By knowing what the Seven Moments are, you can deliberately craft a more enjoyable life experience.




Repeat the best days of your relationship!


"My discovery of the Seven Moments will reshape the manner in which personal relationships are built and experienced. No longer will relationships die (unless you chose for them to die!). No longer will one partner stray from a relationshp and find another mate (unless you want them too!).


The Seven Moments grant you power to flame the fires of any relationship. They are my gift to you. Use them wisely!" - Christian Blake



Curious about what the Seven Moments are?



Here's a hint: Children Indulge In The Seven Moments Everyday



seven moments in childrenChildren are the perfect practictioners of the Seven Moments; they find them everywhere and engage them with wild abandon. We would be wise to follow in our childrens' footsteps, if only for a single afternoon.


As adults, its easy for us to forget the sheer joy that life has to offer. Children crave the Seven Moments. They will seek them out whenever they can.


The Seven Moments have never been discussed before. I am their founder. I discovered them. I labeled each one. Their power is truly priceless: what would you do with the ability to bring joy and happiness into anyone's life? The Seven Moments can be found anywhere, by anyone - if they know what to look for!


The Seven Moments In Life That Really Matter is sold through Amazon.



"Extremely interesting material. I think you definitely are going to have a home run with this one for a very long time." - Denise, West Olive, Michigan



These are some of the benefits for those who have a thorough understanding of the Seven Moments:



Have the power to make other people happy! This is probably the greatest benefit you will acquire from reading my book, which is why it deserves to be at the top of this list of beneifts. And the best part is it won't cost you any money to make them smile!
Obtain a better understanding of human nature and what makes us feel truly content as human beings. As time goes by, you will develop your own methods to incorporate the Seven Moments into your daily life. It will become automatic. Other people will begin to appreciate your presence, and will gravitate towards you without knowing why.
Increase productivity at work by realizing when the Seven Moments occur with co-workers and (more importantly) your customers. You will dramatically increase the bond between you and your clients. Their sense of loyalty and trust towards you will increase exponentially if you cater to their experiences with the Seven Moments.
If you are a business owner, you can elevate your employee's productivity by understanding how the work day revolves around the Seven Moments (or the lack of Seven Moments!).
Do you have an older family-member who is incapable of interacting with the world in a manner they choose? Are they in a nursing home? Do they live on limited funds? With the power of the Seven Moments on your side, you can bring joy to their life without spending money or doing anything extravagant.
Take the kids out and let them run! Give your childen a day filled with the Seven Moments and they'll never, ever forget it! You can do this once a week or as often as you wish. Your kids will thank you for it for the rest of their life.
Although this is a selfish benefit, I must share it because as a single adult, I've been benefiting from the Seven Moments in this manner for years: how would you like to craft the perfect date for your companion? Perhaps show them a night they'll never forget? When you understand the Seven Moments, you'll be able to do just that, and your partner will think you're the greatest person on the planet. They'll never want to leave your side, and will be eager for the next opportunity to spend time with you.


Here is what I want you to do:

  1. Purchase my book through Amazon
  2. Read it
  3. Read it again
  4. Take a few days and think about the Seven Moments. I want you to become aware of them when you experience these moments and fully appreciate them when they occur. You will soon realize how powerful the Seven Moments are in your daily life.
  5. I love feedback! Feel free to contact me at contact (at)

seven moments in life that really matter


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