Screenplay Analysis


(7l4) 483-7667

I can analyze your screenplay and provide detailed feedback for every scene. Turn around time is about six business days. Price is $3,500 for a screenplay up to 120 pages. You may reach me at (7l4) 483-7667.

My input is geared towards a production company or director that is about to take a screenplay into production (or possibly an actor that is trying to discern which screenplay to move forward with). For the casual writer that is only seeking to improve his or her screenplay before submitting to an agent for review (or any similar scenario), you’re better off purchasing inexpensive script coverage.


I've analyzed thousands of movies. I know what excites an audience and what puts an audience to sleep.

Please note: I do not provide cover. You can buy cover from hundreds of different online sources for a relatively inexpensive price. The analysis I provide can only be performed by me or by someone who has thoroughly studied the Seven Moments.

Production companies: If you have multiple screenplays to choose from, I can help you decide which one is worth your time and money. If you're already moving forward with a particular script, I can definitely help you improve it.

Actors: If you're a working actor and you have multiple screenplays to choose from, I can analyze each script and help you choose the one that's going to help your career and not hurt it. I can help you decide which script is worthy of your best efforts.

I will do the following for your screenplay:

  • Provide an in-depth, page-by-page analysis of the Seven Moments (including Reinforcement)
  • List the weakest scenes (and I'll explain why)
  • List the strongest scenes
  • Expose weak dialogue
  • Expose irrelevant information and/or unnecessary character details
  • Expose storyline inconsistencies
  • Provide storyline suggestions (my suggestions will become your property; no crediting necessary)
In addition to the above items, I will also:
  • Recommend scenes that should be eliminated altogether (and explain why)
  • Provide suggestions on how you can strengthen individual scenes
  • Provide suggestions on how you can strengthen your overall story
My analysis is based on how often the Seven Moments occur within your screenplay and how tightly related they are to each other and to the story. The typical "three act structure" is a nice concept but I don't believe it's nearly as important as the Seven Moments. After all, practically every movie that gets produced today follows the traditional three act structure, but we all know the vast majority movies produced today are absolutely terrible and were a complete waste of someone's money.

If you would like to read about the Seven Moments, please read The Seven Moments In Storytelling or The Seven Moments in Screenwriting That Really Matter. You can purchase the book on Amazon and view it through your Kindle device or your Kindle viewing software (the software is free to install and available on all cell phone / pc platforms).

While successful movies use a tightly woven blend of the Seven Moments, Reinforcement is the one moment that truly separates Oscar winners from the rest. You should be expressing Reinforcement at least once on every page of your script. For a better understanding of the Seven Moments, read my book The Seven Moments in Screenwriting That Really Matter.).